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Google Analytics Hesabı Kurulumu ve Ayarları Nasıl Yapılır? Resimli Anlatım

Yazar: Mike O. (IP adresi:,
E-posta: sales@epictrafficbot.com

I am the sales manager at Epic Traffic Bot and today I would like to propose a special deal that will make your website skyrocket on serps.
Here at Epic Traffic Bot, we worked really hard to create a software that will completly change the rules of the SEO game.

You can have a look at the software and at the GUI to understand what it does from here: -> http://bit.ly/ETB2019

As you may already know, the first important thing that Google considers while ranking a Website are backlinks.
But that’s only one thing, the other most important thing is the time stayed on page and the bounce rate that your website achieves.

All this metrics are important just like backlinks, but often kept as secret by the big SEO’s.

We wanted to create a software that was able to modify this paramenters while being completly undetected.
It was really important to stay completly undetected, that’s why we created Epic Traffic Bot.

With Epic Traffic Bot you will be able to rank higher on Google by bringing traffic directly in your site from Google itself!
How does it work?

– The bot will use a custom undetectable browser and will navigate to Google
– Here the bot will type the keywords that you provided
– After the bot will search for your website on the first page of Google
– If it doesn’t find it on the first page it will go to second page, then third, then fourth and so on (you can control the amount of pages that the software will search your website).
– The moment that the software will find your website it will click on your website and then use custom commands that you can provide, like clicking links, filling fields etc to imitate completly human behaviour and lower your Bounce Rate and thus increase your rankings for that keywords.


Because for Google it’s really important how users find the content of your website, some thing that it will be even more than backlinks in the near future.

But our software it’s not limited to this feature.
Because you can also send direct hits instead of going from Google or use Youtube or another search engine.

You can also automate any web task that you can think of like website registration or something similar thanks to our advanced drag and drop scripting module.

In fact you can tell the program to click a custom element, a random link, a random external link, a random internal link, click ads, set delays, type text on fields, break recaptchas, break captchas, scrape images, scrape articles, export typed text if certain conditions are met, automatically change vpn, loop commands, verify emails automatically, log on console if text found on page, scroll down, scroll up and much more commands like this that will make automation on web pages a real thing, easy to use and that requires 0 programming knowledge.

You can also of course set proxies, both public or private to send mass traffic to your website and use multi-threading to speed up things even more.
There are thousands of things that you can do with this SEO tool.

And we really hope that it will make your life easier as an internet marketer.

We also provide full support for free to our users.

If you have any questions about the software please send a message to sales@epictrafficbot.com
We will answer you the same day!

Hope to see you on board while we are still offering lifetime licences instead of monthly subscriptions!

Thanks for your time!

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