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Site Analiz İçin Faydalı Ücretsiz Araçlar

Yazar: Adam Amir (IP adresi:, ec2-34-255-191-240.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com)
E-posta: adam@semscoop.com

I’ve been reading on http://www.sagunur.com/site-analiz-icin-faydali-ucretsiz-araclar/ and saw that you have mentioned a bunch of great resources! There are a lot of useful tips and tricks.

I’d like to share with you the SEO tool i was working on, SEMScoop,

Would love to know your opinion on the tool. And if you’ll find it useful,
Please consider linking to it from that post of yours, or perhaps mentioning it in your future writing.

Whether you add it or not, I’d be happy to give you:

– One year free access to business subscription plan (Free unlimited use of the tool ..)
– Several subscriptions to giveaway to your audience
– Affiliate program with special 50% commissions once we launch the program

If you feel like adding it, just update the post with linkback to semscoop (Keyword Tool) and send me your account details to get free upgrade.

Lastly, please let me know if there is anything of YOURS that I can promote for you. I’m happy to share it on my social media accounts and with my audience.

I just followed you on Twitter so I can stay updated.


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